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BPL Blossom 10

The Blossom-10 is an affordable phototherapy device that conforms to the AAP guidelines for phototherapy. The device employs High Bright Blue LED technology to provide uniform illumination, and features a timer to monitor LED usage. Its robust build ensures durability, and its compact design makes it easy to use and transport. The device also eliminates harmful rays, making it a safe and reliable option for clinicians.

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The Blossom-10 is a compact and affordable phototherapy device that delivers all the benefits of High Bright Blue LED technology without any harmful rays. The device is designed to meet the AAP guidelines for phototherapy, and features an innovative optical design that provides better and uniform illumination. The device is also equipped with a timer to track the overall usage of the LED source, and features a rugged, heavy-duty build for better durability.



  • Delivers light at 450-570nm wavelength;peaking at 458 nm 
  • Irradiance can be delivered between 35-45μW/cm2/nm at a distance of 30-40 cms
  • 12 Blue LED lamps
  • Attractive, space saving design| 
  • Rugged, heavy duty build
  • Low Power consumption <15 W
  • Device Timer Tracking Overall usage of LED source 
  • NO Ultraviolet / No Infrared rays which may causes skin rashes to Hyperthermia to the infants
  • Large 25 x 40 cm fiber optic woven pad
  • Width 280 mm No of Therapeutic Blue LEDs 12
  • Height : (Max) 1800 cm
  • Spectrum wavelength : 450-475nm
  • Height : (Min) 1170 mm
  • Analogue lifetime timer Length 385 mm
  • Wheels 2 inches
  • Head Tilt 180° 



  • The effective way of Phototherapy treatment that is safe, gentle, and easy to use 
  • Blossom-10 Provides all benefits of High Bright Blue LED technology in compact and affordable design 
  • Meets AAP Guideline of Phototherapy
  • Innovative optical design to provide better & uniform illumination. 


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BPL Blossom 10