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The BPL DF 2617 AED/R is a defibrillator that can be used in both manual and AED modes. It has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of delivering a life-saving shock to patients suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). With an affordable price point and a battery life of 2-3 years, the BPL DF 2617 AED/R is a cost-effective solution for emergency medical services.

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The BPL DF 2617 AED/R is a defibrillator that is designed for both manual and AED mode of operation. It is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that minimizes the time required to deliver a lifesaving shock to SCA patients. It is also economical and comes with a 2-3 year battery life.


  • Weight: <10.5 kg with battery
  • Power Supply: 100- 240 VAC
  • Display: 5.77 Inch| Resolution :320x240px
  • Battery: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid 12 V ,4.5 AH
  • Memory: 24 Events
  • Built in Recorder
  • Capacity: >100 Discharge of 300 joules with fully charged battery
  • Charge Time : <10 sec for 300 J with battery fully charged
  • Charge Indicator :Battery and main LED indicators
  • Paper Size : 50 mm x20 mts; Print width ; 40 mm; Paper Speed : 25 mm/sec 
  • Print Delay : Real time or 6 sec (selectable in Auto Mode)
  • Event Recording : Stores and prints 3 seconds post critical event data up to 24 events
  • Print Annotates : Time, Date,HR Limits,Event maker, ECG input source ,ECG gain , Defibrillators mode, Selected and Delivered energy, Patient Impedance and Hospital name.


  • Clean the defibrilator, Its paddle and ECG patient cable, if they were used. 
  • Switch OFF the unit and unplug the unit from mains before cleaning
  • Clean all surfaces of the unit with anti- static cloth
  • The defibrilator and its accessories are chemically resistant to common germicidal solutions and non-caustic detergents.
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  • Price for value 
  • Economical
  • User Friendly 

Service Facility

  • Office at very convenient place at South Kolkata
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  • Voltage : 12 V Lead Acid
  • Life: 2-3 years
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