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ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper (100 Sheets)


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Keep your medical records organized and secure with our premium ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper. Designed to meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals, this high-quality paper ensures accurate and reliable results with every use.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Quality: Our ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper is made from top-grade materials, providing a smooth and consistent surface for recording electrocardiograms. The paper is durable, tear-resistant, and can withstand the rigors of everyday clinical use.
  2. Z-Fold Design: The Z-Fold design of this paper ensures convenient and hassle-free loading into ECG machines. The pre-folded format allows for easy identification of each patient’s data, saving you time and effort during busy clinical sessions.
  3. Optimal Compatibility: The ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper is compatible with a wide range of ECG machines, making it suitable for various medical facilities and practitioners. It guarantees accurate tracing and sharp, clear printouts, essential for precise diagnosis.
  4. Ample Quantity: Each package includes 100 sheets of ECG paper, ensuring an uninterrupted supply for your practice. With our product, you can efficiently manage your medical records without worrying about running out of paper.
  5. Versatile Applications: This Z-FOLD Paper is not only ideal for ECG tests but also serves multiple purposes in the medical field. It is perfect for Holter monitoring, stress testing, and long-term patient monitoring, making it a versatile and valuable addition to your medical supplies.
  6. Patient-Friendly: The ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper is latex-free, ensuring the safety and comfort of your patients during examinations. The smooth texture enhances patient experience, promoting trust and confidence in your practice.

Invest in the ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper today and experience the difference in efficiency and accuracy in your medical records management. With its top-notch quality and user-friendly design, it is the ultimate choice for healthcare professionals seeking reliability and convenience.

Maintain precise records, diagnose with confidence, and streamline your clinical workflow with ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper. Order now and take the first step towards optimizing your medical practice!

ECG 9108 Z-FOLD Paper (100 Sheets) 480.00

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