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The TRAK-48 is a lightweight and programmable digital holter that delivers research-grade performance. It features 12-lead/3-channel two work modes, low power consumption, and the ability to detect small pulses from pacemakers. The recorder has an LCD display for on-demand ECG view and multiple sampling rate options. The comprehensive holter software is user-friendly, making it easy to interpret data. Weighing just 48 grams, the TRAK-48 is a compact and portable device that delivers high-quality performance.

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The TRAK-48 is a compact and lightweight digital holter that is fully programmable and ensures high fidelity and research-grade performance. Features include 12-lead/3-channel two work modes, low power consumption and comprehensive holter software. The TRAK-48 also has the ability to detect small, narrow pulses from pacemakers.

The TRAK-48’s LCD display provides on demand ECG view, and the recorder has options with different sampling rate (128 -1024). The holter software is easy to use and understand, and the lower power consumption makes the TRAK-48 a truly compact and lightweight (48 gram) device. The TRAK-48 is also fully programmable, ensuring high quality performance.



  • Weight :42 grams
  • Size: 68mm x 53mm x 16mm
  • Parameters Measured: ECG
  • Type of display: LCD
  • No. of Leads: 12
  • Software: Holter Software
  • Recording Time: 24 hrs,/48 hrs/96 hrs; optional 7 days
  • Data Transfer: USB or Card Reader
  • Dimensions: 68 mm x 53 mm x 16 mm
  • Sample Rate: upto 1024 samples per second
  • Digital Recorder: 3/12 Channel
  • Pacemaker Detection: Can detect the small, narrow pulses from the pacemaker
  • Battery : AAA size Alkaline / NiMH battery | Battery Capacity : >48 Hours 



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  • LCD display – Provides on demand ECG view
  • Recorder options with different sampling rate (128 -1024)
  • Compact and truely Lightweight (48 gram)
  • Holter Software – Easy to Use and Understand
  • Lower Power Consumption 
  • Fully programmable, High Fidelity, High Quality Performance| It has 3 or 12 channel by changing the patient cable I


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  • Battery : AAA size Alkaline
  • NiMH battery
  • Battery Capacity : >48 Hours 





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