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Oxy 5 Neo

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The BPL Oxy 5 Neo is a portable oxygen concentrator that is perfect for those who need supplemental oxygen. It has a high oxygen purity of 93% and features safety features like a high pressure safety valve, power failure alarm function, and fault self-detection system. The Oxy 5 Neo also has a flame retardant thermo plastic molded cabinet for strength and durability. Additionally, it has a 5-litre single outlet, built-in nebuliser, LCD screen to view usage hours, LED lights for system status, audio alarm for power failure, low oxygen concentration, compressor failure, and pressure cycle failure, and a timer function for auto shut down. The Oxy 5 Neo also has a storage compartment to place accessories, and is easy to maintain with its simple and ergonomic design. Additionally, it is a low noise device with multilevel noise reduction measures. Finally, the Oxy 5 Neo has a built in atomizing device for atomizing therapy, making it a secure, reliable, and energy efficient oxygen concentrator.



  • 5-litre single outlet
  • Built-in nebuliser 
  • LCD Screen to view usage hours 
  • LED Lights for System Status
  • Audio alarm for power failure ; Low Oxygen concentration; compressor failure ; pressure cycle failure 
  • Timer Function for auto shut down 
  • Storage compartment to place accessories 
  • Ease of maintance : Because of Its simple & Ergonomic design product can be easily serviced 
  • Low noise : Device has multilevel noise reduction measures 
  • Nebulisation Therapy : Built in atomizing device for atomizing therapy 
  • Secure , Reliable & Energy Efficient : Gas Circuit is controlled by low presure system which ensures secured & reliable operation and is energy efficient & compressor with thermal protector 



  • User-friendly, quiet and reliable
  • Timer Function for auto shut down
  • Storage compartment to place accessories
  • Low noise : Device has multilevel noise reduction measures 


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