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BPL Ultima Prime Masimo 7 Para

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The BPL Ultima Prime Masimo With 7 Para is a patient monitor that is suitable for use in mid-acuity settings. The monitor is 12″ wide and offers advanced parameter options such as IBP, CO2, Gas Monitoring & ICG. The monitor also has the option to connect to the BPL Medius+ Central Nursing Station Software and can display a maximum of 10 waveforms. The monitor is 4.5 kg and has a colour TFT display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels. The monitor also comes with a rechargeable lead acid battery that is 12 V and 2.0 Ah.



  • Weight : 4.5 kg
  • Display: Colour TFT Display Size :12.1 inch
  • Resolution: 800x 600 pixels
  • Battery : Rechargeable Lead acid Battery 12 V, 2.0 Ah
  • Parameters: 7 ( Heart Rate, NiBP, SpO2,Respiration Rate, Temperature, ETCO2,IBP) . SpO2 Masima probe 



  • Patient cable & All accessories to be stored neatly after usage
  • Charge Battery When monitor is not used for a long time
  • Disconnect patient cable or other probes holding the plugs gently & not by pulling the cables.
  • For more details click enquiry 



  • Economic
  • Second Battery Option
  • Thermal printer Incorporating Facility


Service Facility

  • Office at very convenient place at South Kolkata
  • Contact us for more info



  • Voltage: 12 V Lead acid, 2 Ah
  • Life: Approx. 2 years depending on usages
  • Charging Time : 4 – 5 Hours When not in used. Also getting charged when a monitor is connected with mains for monitoring
  • Battery Capacity: When the battery is fully charged it can operate for 60 mins optionally 1 no. extra battery can be provided for 120 mins operation


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