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The BPL X – CUBE 70 is a powerful and versatile ultrasound machine that is perfect for a variety of settings and applications. With a 23-inch FHD LED screen display, 12.1-inch high-resolution touch panel, and motorized control panel, the X – CUBE 70 provides users with a clear and high-definition image that can be easily adjusted to meet their needs. The X+ Compare feature allows users to import and compare previous US studies, making it easy to observe patient progress. The data management system is efficient and secure, with USB real-time recording and automatic antivirus protection. The additional transducer holder and swivel wheel lock make it easy to use and transport, and the sleep mode feature saves time by allowing the system to boot up faster.



  • Display: A 23-inch FHD LED screen display provides a widescreen, clear and high-definition image
  • Tiltable Touch Panel: 12.1-inch high-resolution touch panel that can tilt up to 15° for user convenience
  • Motorized Control Panel: The control panel can be easily adjusted vertically with its motorized button
  • X+ Compare: Allows users to import patients’ previous US studies, compare them when scanning and reviewing, and effortlessly observe patient’s progress
  • Data Management: Efficient data storage with USB real-time recording along with secured data with an automatic antivirus solution
  • Additional Transducer Holder: Ease of use to pick up the transducers and gel
  • Mobility: The swivel wheel lock for rear-wheel control and a built-in battery enables mobility with ease
  • Time-saving system: Sleep mode allows the system to boot up faster. 



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