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BPL FM 9854

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Foetal monitors have become an important part of modern prenatal care. With the FM 9854, you can be sure you’re getting the most advanced technology available. The FM 9854 is a twin-monitoring enabled foetal monitor that offers real-time FHR and TOCO monitoring, 25 hours of data storage, and a 12.1″ TFT tiltable screen.

The FM 9854 offers enhanced care that helps in twin monitoring along with 25 hours of data save capacity. With a 12.1” TFT tiltable screen, the monitor offers accurate display and high precision simulations. The monitor is twin-monitoring enabled, helping you go one extra mile.

The FM 9854’s standard configuration includes monitoring of the FHR/Twin FHR (FM 9854), TOCO, and Fetal Movement. The FM 9854 also features dynamic data save, a special high-sensitive waterproof probe, data storage with playback and print capability, low ultrasound power that is safe on the foetus, and automatic Fetal Movement Detection with event marker. The FM 9854 also comes with a built-in Li-ion battery that offers up to 4 hours of battery life.



  • Display Type: High resolution color LCD with foldable screen
  • Display size :12.1 -inch
  • Power : AC 100 – 240 Volt
  • The high-sensitivity water-proof ultrasound probe
  • Battery: Li-ion Battery, 152mm Thermal printer
  • Standard configuration: Monitoring of FHR/Twin FHR (FM 9854), TOCO, Fetal Movement
  • Twin FHR monitoring
  • Dynamic data save 
  • Probe : Special high sensitive waterproof probe
  • Storage: 25 hours data storage with dynamic data save capacity 
  • Low frequency ultrasound power, safe on foetus 
  • Automatic Fetal Movement Detection with event marker
  • Thermal printer 



  • 12.1″ high-resolution colour TFT LCD display with tiltable screen 
  • Standard Configuration: FHR,TOCO,Foetal movement
  • Twin FHR monitoring 
  • Dynamic data save 
  • Special high
  • Sensitive watertight probe 
  • Data storage with playback & print facility
  • Low ultrasound power, safe on foetus 
  • Automatic Fetal Movement Detection with event marker
  • Thermal printer 
  • Built in Li-ion battery 


Service Facility

  • Office at very convenient place at South Kolkata 
  • Contact us for more info



  • Battery:12V; Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Capacity : 2000 mAh 


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