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BPL C – Ray Pro Plus

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The BPL C-Ray Pro Plus is a high-frequency, 3.5kW X-ray generator that produces high-quality images with reduced skin dose. It has a KV range of 40-110kV and a stationary anode X-ray tube-head with real-time heat monitoring. The unit also features a 7″ full touch control panel that is intuitive and user-friendly, as well as multiple operating modes, including continuous/snapshot/boost fluoro and radiography modes. Additionally, the compact workstation comes with 17″ dual high-resolution LED monitors/19″ dual monochrome medical grid monitors, providing perfect mobility with a smaller footprint. Finally, the superior ergonomic design ensures efficient operation, while the auto-saving of images and DICOM 3.0 send/CD/DVD data export functions provide hassle-free operation. You can buy BPL C – Ray Pro Plus from our Authorized dealership stores in Kolkata, Siliguri, Asansol, Burdwan, Malda, We also delivery anywhere in West Bengal, Mizoram, Sikkim and North east.



  • 110KHz High Frequency, 3.5KW X-ray Generator for High quality images & reduced skin dose
  • KV Range : 40 KV to 110 KV
  • Stationary Anode X-Ray Tube-head with real time heat monitoring
  • 7” Full Touch control panel which is intuitive and user friendly
  • Multiple operating Modes : Continuous/Snapshot/Boost Fluoro & Radiography modes 
  • Compact Workstation with 17′ dual High – Resolution LED monitors/19′ dual monochrome medical grid monitors 
  • Compact device provides perfect mobility with smaller footprint
  • Superior Ergonomic design for an efficient operation
  • Auto saving of Images for hassle free operation| DICOM 3.0 send , CD/ DVD data export 



  • Effortless Locking mechanism. 
  • Actuator assisted silent up / down movement 
  • Durable Wheels with Cable Deflector for easy maneuverability
  • Self-Diagnostics to minimize the downtime 
  • Compact Design with Effortless Operations


Service Facility

  • Office at very convinient place at South Kolkata
  • Contact us for more info


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